Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the beginning*

Imagine before you were born, that you could pick the body that you would live in this lifetime. You could pick the color of your skin, the color of your eyes, size of your lips, hips, everything! And at the time, you could even pick your hair.

Do I have your attention?

Good. Now, imagine that while you're picking all these things, you are with God, and the two of you are looking at your choices, and you see that wow, you picked some good stuff!

In the hair department, you could choose, straight, straighter than straight, wavy, curly, kinky, coily, or some awesome combination. (And in that mystical place standing next to God, no one kind of hair is better than the other; they are all incredibly beautiful.)

And so, in all your infinite wisdom at the time, you chose to go with a curly, kinky, coily combo. God smiled. And so did you! Because you knew that this hair was beautiful. You knew that it was precious. You knew it was magical.

Fast forward to your 4th birthday on this earth. You have the cutest curls, coils and kinks, a magical mass o' hair. But no one can see its beauty. And no one knows what to do with it!

Here on earth, people have chosen some silly, ugly words for your type of hair: nappy. hard. coarse. frizzy. picky. knotty. Your hair becomes linked to hurtful phrases: hard to manage. difficult to comb. hair that doesn't grow. You watch your mom and her sisters and friends, and none of them like their natural hair. They all forgot that they really do have magical hair.

Sadly, you learned to hate the hair that even God knows is magical.

But not any more! This blog has been created to celebrate your natural hair.

And what gives me the credentials to start a blog on natural hair? I'm magical. And so is my hair. And you're magical. And so is YOUR hair. Dude, we're a magical two-some, you and I. So read on. Let's play with our magical locks, together. :)

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